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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Last Weekend

I have a lot of updating to do about New York city. I'm not quite sure where to begin, so I'll just start with a recap of last weekend, even though their are several other things to discuss.

Last weekend was a whirlwind. It started off Friday night with Anna and I heading down to the counterpart of a spot of ours in Dallas. We walked into this very classy place to have a glass of wine before meeting up with a friend for a late dinner of delicious Thai-ness. Then the three of us headed out to meet Azalea and Chris for some Mardi Gras celebration and then we headed out to dance the night away. A very very long, very very fun night.

Saturday morning we woke up late and went to get "brunch", which was really a late lunch. haha Brunch is huge here. I love it, very Sex and the City. Then we headed out to the MoMa, which was awesome, except it was abnormally (so I've heard) overly crowded, so I must make my way out there again to fully enjoy it. We managed to weave in and out of the people to see all the standard exhibits though. Then we walked around for a while and decided to stalk fashion week. As we neared Bryant Park, I ran into somebody who looked like he was on a mission. Anna and I both did a few double takes and were trying to figure out where we knew this guy from, we thought he was some important stylist or something. Then we longingly watched people in amazing shoes walk in and out of the tents and tried to think of ways we could get one of those important passes that lets you inside the tent. Then we needed more coffee and went home. haha

That night we made homemade pasta! It was so fun! While we were eating our pasta, we decided to watch the recorded Project Runway episode, and guess what? That guy I ran into was Jesus from Project Runway! I KNOW! I was so excited! I am basically famous now for being run into by a guy who got kicked off of Project Runway. hahaha 

The next day was Valentine's Day! I love Valentine's Day! I don't know why. haha I just think it's a really cute holiday. For breakfast we picked up bagels like true New Yorkers. It was an amazing bagel, haha. We went bowling that morning in Jersey. I did absolutely horrendous the first game, but brought it back some on the second. It was lots of fun. Then we headed to Soho to look around at all the fancy schmancy stores and go to Uni Qlo, a Korean American Apparel. After wandering around there, we headed to get a cup of coffee to escape the cold. One of the cutest best coffee shops I have ever been in. Then we wandered through Little Italy and Chinatown. After lots of walking, we went in to a little Mexican restaurant and had a wonderful dinner and then headed back to Hoboken to meet up with friends and do some dancing!

Monday we decided to take it easy. We were planning on seeing a movie, but it was $12.50 for a 3 o'clock movie!! So expensive!! We ended up going to The Strand, an amazing bookstore. Four floors of shelves and shelves of books. You could find any book there. Best bookstore I've ever been too. Could probably have stayed for days. Then we just headed home and made egg rolls for dinner! haha They were delicious. haha

Anyways, that's only a few days out of a few weeks of being here... much much more to come!!

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Kelli said...

Sounds too fun Katherine Hanna! BUT, did you mean NY? (ck your 2nd paragraph because you wrote Dallas!) I can't wait to hear all of your adventures when you get home. I hope you have taken tons of pictures!!